The Endless Balancing Act of Wearing Many Hats

The Endless Balancing Act of Wearing Many Hats – Finding God’s Grace Where They Meet!

Presenters: Mark and Angie Gabb

We all wear many hats – spouse, parent, called worker/spouse of a called worker, son/daughter, sibling, friend, etc. At times we feel like an unsuccessful tightrope walker, losing our balance with each step. We ask, “How do I regain my balance?” As important as that question is, there’s an even more important question to ask first: “Where do I find my balance?” The answer isn’t in our performance, but in something outside of us: God’s grace. There we find peace and joy, which gives us balance, no matter how many hats we wear and how well we wear them.

Mark and Angie Gabb serve in Beverly Hills, FL, where they have lived for the past 13 years. They have been married for 20 years, and find great joy in being the parents to Maggie (Junior at LPS), Hannah (freshman at LPS), and Jacob (7th grade). In addition to the hats they wear as spouse and parent, Angie manages their home, volunteers at their church and school (PreK through 8th grade) and works part-time as an LPN. Mark serves as pastor of St. Paul’s, and chairman of the South Atlantic District Mission Board.