Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel September 10th, 2021

Date: 09-10-2021

Scripture Lesson:Romans 12:1–5

Preacher: A. Schultz

Description: Reading Romans 12:1–5  Jesus had a purpose in bringing us spiritual healing: he wanted to cure us of the dread disease of sin so that we might serve him in faith and our neighbor in love. Jesus also has a reason for giving us healthy bodies: He wants us to use our hearing and walking and speaking for the good of others. He encourages us to use our bodies for the good of others and praise of God who has done everything well.   Speaker A. Schultz Hymns 611 CW 21 – “Joyously I’ll Praise My Savior”  Psalm Psalter 146D – “Praise the Almighty; My Soul, Adore Him”  Musician Prof. Christie