Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – September 1st, 2021

Date: 09-01-2021

Scripture Lesson:Romans 9:30–10:4 (CW21)

Preacher: S. Crass

Description: Reading Romans 9:30–10:4 (CW21)  God’s Word is sufficient for faith and life. But not everyone believes this in theory or in fact. Tragically, the zeal that some have for the Word is, in reality, a zeal for the righteousness of the law. They vigorously pursue a righteousness of works. In so doing, they end up losing the key to knowledge: that righteousness is ours solely through faith in Christ. How wonderful it is that the righteousness of Christ is freely and fully mediated to the unrighteous through the Gospel message!  Speaker S. Crass  Advisor N/A  Hymns CW 281 – “God Has Spoken by his Prophets”  CW21 – “Faith and Truth and Life Bestowing”  Musician Phil Balge