Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – January 26, 2021

Date: 01-26-2021

Scripture Lesson:Titus 1:1-9

Preacher: Erich Neumann

Description: Reading: Titus 1:1-9 As we hear Jesus’ call to preach the gospel, we celebrate God’s grace in the life of St. Titus. This young pastor had an extraordinary task and calling. Paul leaves him on Crete to establish a church there and several challenges stood in his ministry path. For starters, the religious scene there could not be further from the truth. Cretans believed the “god” Zeus was buried in their territory and as such they considered their home to be the central place to worship the “gods.” Think about how hard it must have been to penetrate this wrong-headed emphasis on Zeus. The mythology is clear on what type of theology the story of Zeus presented: Man can become god. The even sadder reality is that they based this belief on a “god” who showed himself to be a liar and a womanizer, and Cretans immortalized him for it. Is it any wonder why being called a “Cretan” continues to be an insult even today! Just like Titus, we are called to wield the gospel so as to break down the barriers of the of the human heart which thinks divinity can be achieved by humanity. In essence, the old Adam considers God a liar for what he declares in Scripture. However, Paul rightly establishes God as the Lord of truth in verses 1-4. God “does not lie.” Furthermore, God does not intend for a person to strive for godhood, but rather through the gospel he longs for all people to know their Savior and to respond in thanksgiving with an intention toward godliness. Paul rightly instructs Titus that a leader in the lost-seeking church must be “blameless.” Through his Christ-centered life, he must put Christ first in all avenues of life. A challenging proposition indeed! Yet, Titus knew the power behind this transformation, and so do we. Above all, those called to serve must “hold firmly to the trustworthy message.” The Lord never lies, and his promises remain ever true. Let us take up our calling with joy and encourage others that in this life of deception and illusion, we have a Savior who embodies the truth and offers us the reality of eternal hope. Speaker: Erich Neumann Hymns: WHP 895 – “Preach You the Word” v. 1-3 WHP 895 – “Preach You the Word” v. 4-6