Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – January 29, 2021

Date: 01-29-2021

Scripture Lesson:Psalm 62

Preacher: Tristan Pankow

Description: Reading: Psalm 62 Martin Luther commented on Psalm 62 saying, “Psalm 62 is a teaching Psalm. It instructs us about false trust in human beings and true trust in God. Human beings simply do not see that trust in powerful people is worthless, and they are surprised when everything around them collapses. In contrast, when I trust God, my soul is satisfied.” As we seek the lost, we cannot say we do not know what we are up against. We know the enemy intimately because we face him every moment of every day. The sinful nature “assaults” us. He intends to “topple” us. So, when we face the sinful nature of the lost, of course we should readily expect cursing, and “delight in lies.” Yet, in our Christ-given calling, we will “find rest in God.” We have “hope” in him. When the uncertainty of ministry dogs us, we run to the certainty of salvation that leads us to never “be shaken.” The task of reaching the loss is daunting, but we must remain where the power remains. When we feel overwhelmed to the task, we must remember that “unfailing love” of our God. His love is there for those he seeks to save, and his love always remains with his chosen instruments who long to lead more and more to the only true and lasting refuge from this veil of tears. Speaker: Tristan Pankow Psalm: WELS Hymnal Project – Psalm 62 (D) I’ll Not Be Shaken