Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – February 9, 2021

Date: 02-09-2021

Scripture Lesson:Isaiah 40:27-31

Preacher: N. Klusmeyer

Description: Reading: Isaiah 40:27-31 The devil worked hard on the people of Israel to get them to walk away from God and his commands.  Unfortunately, he was successful. God would send them off into captivity as he promised.  However, this is not the end for God’s people.  He continues to come to them with comfort to remind them of who he is and what he does.  He does not weary in his work of reversing the effects of the devil and he is successful.  Through his Word, God creates faith and trust in the heart of his people.  Because of this, they will not grow weary but renew their strength in him.  As we feel the devil’s effects in our life through sin or sickness, God gives us hope in him that renews our strength. Speaker: N. Klusmeyer Hymns: WHP 831 vv.1-3 - “Why Should Cross and Trial Grieve Me” WHP 831 vv.4-5 - “Why Should Cross and Trial Grieve Me”