Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – February 15, 2021

Date: 02-15-2021

Scripture Lesson:Mark 9:2-9

Preacher: Prof. Cherney

Description: Reading: Mark 9:2-9 The season of Epiphany ends as it began, with the Father’s voice speaking in affirmation of his Son. But it is not only God that speaks. Moses and Elijah spoke long ago of the glory of God. It’s that glorious image of our almighty God that preserves us in the dark days of Lent as well as the dark days of life in a sinful world. For through God’s word, we have seen his true glory. Speaker: Prof. Cherney Hymns: CW 97 st. 1-3 – “Down from the Mount of Glory” CW 97 st. 4-5 – “Down from the Mount of Glory” Prayer/Day: O God, in the glorious transfiguration of your only begotten Son, you confirmed the mysteries of the faith by the testimony of Moses and Elijah, and in the voice that came from the bright cloud you foreshadowed our adoption as your sons: in your mercy, make us co-heirs of glory with Jesus our King and bring us at last to heaven; through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Organist: E. Lund