Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – February 19, 2021

Date: 02-19-2021

Scripture Lesson:2 Kings 2:1-12a

Preacher: R. Henning

Description: Reading: 2 Kings 2:1-12a When Elijah was swept away from Elisha’s side, countless questions spring to mind. Why did Elijah not have to die? Why the chariot of fire and the whirlwind? What did Elisha mean when he requested a double portion of Elijah’s spirit? Yet in all these things the glory of God is revealed. That glory that took Elijah from Elisha in a whirlwind is the same glory that shines for you and for me in the radiant face of our Savior. This glory encouraged Elisha at the departure of his master, it encouraged Jesus and his disciples on the mountaintop, and it encourages us today. Speaker: R. Henning Psalm: WELS Hymnal Project – Psalm 2a - “You Are My Son” (See below) Musician: M. Zeng