Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – February 23, 2021

Date: 02-23-2021

Scripture Lesson:Romans 8:31-39

Preacher: Nate Holz

Description: Reading: Romans 8:31-39 What an absolutely beautiful expression of the sure hope and confidence we have in our Savior’s love! The question is: do we always grab hold of this in the sure confidence of our faith? The sad truth is that we don’t always hold to these promises as firmly as we ought. Not only has the brokenness of this world led us to doubt God’s love for us, but Satan and his temptations fight to lead us astray. We all must confess to God our shortcomings despite his great love for us. But immediately afterwards, we must ask the question: What possibly has the power to separate me from the love Christ has for me?! Christ’s Victory is our victory! His conquering is our conquering. When Satan’s attacks come full force against us, God’s love comes in to defend us from his attacks. God’s love would stop at nothing to make us his own. He even gave up his one and only Son so that we could be called his own children. Will God let Satan and his evil angels snatch us away? Will God let our sinful nature capture us when we’re struggling alone in our deserts? Certainly not! Nothing can rob us of our assurance of God’s love. Christ is the proof of that! Speaker: Nate Holz Hymns: CW 419 - “If God Himself Be for Me” Verses 1-4 CW 419 - “If God Himself Be for Me” Verses 5-7