Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – February 25, 2021

Date: 02-25-2021

Scripture Lesson:Genesis 22:1-18

Preacher: Joel Hopper

Description: Reading: Genesis 22:1-18

Jesus wasn’t the first to travel into the desert to face a battle. Abraham went there long before Jesus did as a man. While Abraham’s struggle wasn’t the same against Satan’s direct temptations, his own pride, logic, and agenda certainly screamed through his sinful nature to forsake the God who asked him to kill his own son on Mt. Moriah. Abraham wrestled with challenges: Do I love God more than my only son? Do I trust God to take care of everything, despite my logic taking me in the opposite direction? The journey gave plenty of opportunity for faith and flesh to battle in warfare.

Not because of his own efforts but because God is so good, Abraham overcame his reason, and faith won the victory. Then in grace God provided the substitute. In this picture of a substitute Abraham gained a glimpse of the Substitute who would save the whole world. As Abraham repented of his sinful nature and turned to God in faith, thus gaining the victory won for him, so we too turn in repentance over our shortcomings and faithfully turn to our God. Christ’s victory is our victory!

Speaker: Joel Hopper

Hymns: CW 204 - “If God Had Not Been on Our Side”

CW 203- “Lord Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word”