Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – February 26, 2021

Date: 02-26-2021

Scripture Lesson:Psalm 25

Preacher: Ryan Gurgel

Description: Reading: Psalm 25 In Psalm 25 David offers a prayer for protection, forgiveness and godly living. The beginning and the end offer companion verses asking the LORD to watch over us and deliver us from our enemies. There are many truths to mediate on in Psalm 25, but for today a few points to ponder might be: Consider the troubles David faced. Loneliness, guilt, sorrow, hardship, violence. The LORD never promises his people a life free from these troubles. But in that distress, we turn to the Lord as David did and we remember his promises. We remember that God our Savior not only brings us comfort in our pain, but also victory over Satan and his temptations. God’s promises shatter Satan’s lies and the fulfillment of His promises through Christ assure us that our Savior’s Victory is ours through faith. Thus, in this way, these troubles often serve to strengthen our faith. Speaker: Ryan Gurgel Psalm: WELS Hymnal Project