Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – March 10, 2021

Date: 03-10-2021

Scripture Lesson:1 Corinthians 1:18-25

Preacher: Noah Hartmann

Description: Reading: 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 The battle in the realm of worship is even seen in its message – the message of the cross. If there is one message that encapsulates all that Jesus was about, this is it, the incarnation is not the central, pivotal message of Christianity, though it is essential for understanding the cross. And this teaching is misunderstood. Satan attacks and calls it foolish. Paul asks about the standing of those who question God’s wisdom: “ποῦ… ποῦ… ποῦ,” “where…where…where?” By what authority do they speak? Where have their ideas brought them? Whether “the wise” (σοφός), the Greek philosopher, today’s advice columnists, talk show hosts, or self-help gurus; or “the scribe” (γραμματεύς), the Jewish scholar, the rough equivalent of our skeptical theologians backed by a wall full of academic awards and degrees; or the “debater” (NIV: “Philosopher of this age,” Greek: συζητητὴς), perhaps akin to the pundits who peddle their opinions on news programs and online articles, God has exposed their ideas as foolishness by the cross of Christ and its implications. Paul does not claim that the world knows nothing at all. Its store of knowledge and wisdom may contain many true and beneficial things. It may even grasp some things about God. But in verse twenty-one, he points out its great deficiency: It does not know God. The message of the cross calls people to faith and salvation. It demonstrates that Christ crucified is God’s power. God can act powerfully in many ways. But there is nothing like the power he shows when his love at the cross changes people, people who are not robots, beings other than himself who are self-willed. Without violating their will or forcing them to faith, the message of the cross changes those God has chosen. Christ crucified also demonstrates God’s wisdom. It is the solution to an insoluble problem; one no human being would ever have imagined on his own. It is more than just, more than reasonable: it is merciful and gracious. It is worthy of true worship. Speaker: Noah Hartmann Hymns: CW 349 – “Jesus, Priceless Treasure” v. 1-3 CW 349 – “Jesus, Priceless Treasure” v. 4-5