Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – March 16, 2021

Date: 03-16-2021

Scripture Lesson:Numbers 21:4-9

Preacher: C. Gustafson

Description: Reading: Numbers 21:4-9 The Israelites got a taste of what their sins deserve. After their complaining against God and Moses, God gave them something to seriously complain about. The people suffered from the snake bites and cried out for mercy. In his mercy, God sent them salvation. Those who ignored God’s word died from the venomous snakes, but the ones who trusted in the Word of God to look at the snake were saved. We also suffer from consequences of sin and are driven to our knees. God provides salvation by sending his Son, and those who trust his word will live. Speaker: C. Gustafson Hymns: CW345 - “In the Cross of Christ I Glory” CW107 - “Deep Were his Wounds” Pianist: E. Schultz