Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – March 25, 2021

Date: 03-25-2021

Scripture Lesson:Luke 1:26-35

Preacher: I. Hayes

Description: Reading: Luke 1:26-35 On this day (right before Holy Week), we take a moment and reflect on the humble beginnings of our Lord, born of a virgin.  Despite his humble beginnings, we know who he is by faith, he is the Son of God.  He comes to fulfill all God’s promises.  Next week, we will see that fulfillment as the Son of God rides into Jerusalem, as he teaches, as he is arrested, as he is crucified, and as he is resurrected.  Through this saving work, this seemingly lowly child will draw people to himself through the glory of the cross. Speaker: I. Hayes Hymns: CW21 395 v 1-3 – What Grace is This CW21 395 v 4-6 – What Grace is This