Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 14, 2021

Date: 04-14-2021

Scripture Lesson:Acts 18:1-11

Preacher: N. Goelzer

Description: Reading: Acts 18:1-11 Peace in the resurrection inspires faithful work in the gospel. We see peace rule in Paul’s life all throughout his ministry in Corinth. When his message was rejected by the Jews, Paul moved on to the gentiles. When God spoke to Paul in his vision, peace is in the forefront of his message. The resurrection grants us peace, knowing that our work will be blessed, and that no matter what this life brings, our future is in God’s hands. Speaker: N. Goelzer Hymns: CW 145 st. 1-3 - “Jesus Lives! The Victory’s Won” CW 145 st. 4-5 - “Jesus Lives! The Victory’s Won” Pianist: R. Henning