Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 20, 2021

Date: 04-20-2021

Scripture Lesson:Acts 4:8-12

Preacher: G. Freese

Description: Reading: Acts 4:8-12 God equips his witnesses. Through the Savior’s power Peter and John healed a crippled man and used the wonder of this miracle as an opportunity to witness to the risen Lord. Despite opposition from the Jewish leaders, these two apostles testified with boldness. They did not fear the power of men but boldly confessed their faith, even to those who opposed them. Peter had no fear of the potential punishment his confession might bring. Life and salvation were already his. To this day our God equips his people. Most likely he will not equip those present at chapel with the power to heal illnesses and infirmities, yet he equips us with power. He has given us the words of eternal life. In an ever-changing world filled with uncertainty, we have a certain foundation. We have a message people are dying to hear. As Peter and John confessed their resurrected Savior with boldness, may we be bold confessors of our risen Savior and share God's words of eternal life to those who are still dead in sin. Should we be opposed, we have nothing to fear. We have life and salvation. Speaker: G. Freese Hymns: 167 - Jesus Christ, My Sure Defense (1-3; 4-5) Organist: C. Arnold