Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 22, 2021

Date: 04-22-2021

Scripture Lesson:Acts 12:1-19

Preacher: E. Ehlert

Description: Reading: Acts 12:1-19 Peter witnessed his faith and for his confession he was imprisoned. James had just died. Peter's death would be next, or so it seemed. As Peter waited in the prison, he must have remembered Jesus' words shortly before he was crucified. Jesus asked him if he would really suffer and die for Christ's sake. Peter answered him with confidence that he would even suffer and die for his teacher. From the words of the Acts account, we must conclude Peter was confident, even in the face of death. In shackles he slept comfortably the night before his trial. He could sleep confidently because he knew how his story would end. He would suffer and die, but more importantly he would live since Jesus lived. Despite his personal failings he did not fret. He did not focus his mind on the rooster's crows, but calmly remembered the empty tomb and awaited his heavenly goal. Through God's mercy Peter's martyrdom was delayed and he continued to witness without fear. At times we may struggle with the burdens of this sinful life. At times we might doubt and our faith may seem weak. But God is in control. He always has been, always is, and always will be. Never lose sight of this truth. Peter didn’t. He knew where his strength lay. May we always look to the empty tomb where our faith rests and is continually strengthened. May we be bold witnesses Speaker: E. Ehlert Hymns: CW 160 - This Joyful Eastertide CW 464 – Jesus Christ, My Pride and Glory Organist: R. Henning