Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 28, 2021

Date: 04-28-2021

Scripture Lesson:1 Peter 5:1-4

Preacher: Ben Bitter

Description: Reading: 1 Peter 5:1-4 As each of us prepare to be a ποιμήν among Jesus’ flock, we should remember and follow the example of THE Shepherd (ἀρχιποίμενος). One of the most impactful blessings of pastoral ministry is the flock we will get to serve. This flock, by faith, will value the love of God shown through guys like us. God’s love doesn’t stop there. It is a reward in and of itself just to get to do public ministry, but God has more in mind! It’s a reward of eternal glory! If the reward for faithful shepherds is so great, then the love of THE Shepherd for his under-shepherds must also be very great. We, future shepherds, should be encouraged by the promise and the flock should be both warned and comforted by that same promise. As Prof. Deutschlander writes, “Just remember too: The glory is certain but it is promised for the future, not for the moment. Present glory is temporary; only that to come remains forever. Don’t be impatient. Be faithful!” Everything comes into perspective when we imagine seeing our Chief Shepherd for the first time! What a joy to be a faithful Seminarian and future pastor! Speaker: Ben Bitter Hymns: CW 436 – “Jesus, Shepherd of the Sheep” v. 1-3 CW 436 – “Jesus, Shepherd of the Sheep” v. 4-5