Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – May 11, 2021

Date: 05-11-2021

Scripture Lesson:Acts 9:36-42

Preacher: R. Beaver

Description: Reading: Acts 9:36-42 Peter hurried to help Tabitha, a servant of servants. He was not too busy or too important. Tabitha humbly helped those she could as best she could. She didn’t look for a great reward. She quietly went about her business using the talents and other gifts that God had given her to show her love to Christ in loving service to those who could not repay her. When she died, those who mourned were the evidence of her faithful loving service. When she was raised from the dead, she doubtless continued as before. But the seed planted by her works the first time around now blossomed and bore fruit when the hidden power of her faith became evident at the miracle of her rising. Our love need not always be in grand gestures, but shown in whatever way God has blessed us (especially including humble service). Speaker: R. Beaver Hymns: CW21 737 v1-3 – “Lord, Help Us Walk Your Servant Way” CW21 737 v4-5 – “Lord, Help Us Walk Your Servant Way”