Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – May 12, 2021

Date: 05-12-2021

Scripture Lesson:Matthew 15:21-28

Preacher: C. Arnold

Description: Reading: Matthew 15:21-28 Mother’s day fits the theme of this week extremely well. Often, mothers are looked to as the example of faithful loving service. They do not seek praise for their works, but serve in love and humility. How much more so Christian mothers that have Christ’s love produced in their hearts! Today, let’s appreciate the gift of mothers and the love God has placed in their hearts for us, their children. Let’s especially thank God that they taught us about Jesus’ love, either in their words or actions. Speaker: C. Arnold Hymns: CW21 893 v1, 13 – “For All the Faithful Women” CW21 893 v3-4 – “For All the Faithful Women”