Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – May 18, 2021

Date: 05-18-2021

Scripture Lesson:Acts 6:1–9; 7:2a,51-60

Preacher: E. Alair

Description: Reading: Acts 6:1–9; 7:2a,51-60 One may think it odd to see the story of the first martyr in the Christian church under the theme of “Christ protects us.” Yet that is exactly what we see happen to Stephen. Even as he faced death at the hands of the same Sanhedrin that put Jesus to death, Stephen was kept strong in the faith. That same Savior that kept Stephen strong in the face of death protects us in our own faith. And as we prepare to say our goodbyes to the Seminary campus, whether it be for a short time or for good, we can go with peace. For our High Priest protects us in our faith. Speaker: E. Alair Hymns: CW 413 CW21 – 799 – “I Leave All Things to God’s Direction”