Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – October 13, 2020

Date: 10-13-2020

Scripture Lesson:Romans 1:16-17

Preacher: Jake Shepherd

Description: Reading: Romans 1:16-17  Paul exemplifies the power of the gospel invitation. This invitation transforms the Christian’s identity and lifestyle entirely! Yet, as Christians know all too well, we find ourselves ashamed of the very invitation that makes us who we are. So often, we who are invited and chosen would rather be rejected and passed over. Yet, it is gospel, the very power of God that brings us salvation from this sin. It is the gospel that invites us to be unashamed of who we are. There is power in living for Christ. Because of his righteous we will truly and authentically live.   Speaker: Jake Shepherd HymnsCW382:1-2 - “My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less”   CW382:3-4 – “My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less”    Pianist: Johnny Lehmann