Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – October 14, 2020

Date: 10-14-2020

Scripture Lesson:Revelation 22:16-17

Preacher: Jacob Roecker

Description: Reading: Revelation 22:16-17  Jesus’ final words of Scripture invite the Christian to drink in the “free gift of the water of life.” (Rev 22:17) He is not alone in this invitation. The Spirit and the church join his joyful voice. How could anyone reject such a feast? How could someone reject such a gift? How could anyone reject being with such company? The sinner quickly responds, “Such an experience cannot be free!” “This is far too good to be good to be true,” says the opinio legis. The preacher will focus on the free-ness of this gift. The spiritually thirsty cannot be quenched by further desert traveling. The thirsty are quenched as they hear the invitation, and drink in the “free gift of the water of life.”  Speaker: Jacob Roecker  HymnsCW337:1-3 – "Delay Not! Delay Not!”    CW337:4-5 - “Delay Not! Delay Not!”    Pianist: Ethan Schultz