Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – October 15, 2020

Date: 10-15-2020

Scripture Lesson: Isaiah 25:6-9

Preacher: Sam Schultz

Description: Reading: Isaiah 25:6-9  So far this week we have focused on the transforming power of the gospel invitation. Now, we open the grand doors to the feast and experience the joy we’ve longed for. The Lord Almighty has the most glorious spread. The smells of perfectly cooked meat and the aroma of fine wine envelop us. Then, the tears hit our eyes. We see people of all walks of life. We see the Lord himself. As the tears well up, he stands up from his throne, and lifts his hands. He wipes the tears from our eyes. How could anyone want more? Think of the audience Isaiah is writing to. These were the people of God. The people whom God had gone out his way to prove his trustworthiness to. These were the people who went out of the way to throw God out of their lives. The people who no longer put their hope in God but themselves, which can only lead to a life of exile. Yet, the Lord never forgets them. He passionately calls them. As his invitation leads to repentance, he removes the shroud. He evaporates the separation. We rejoice in our God, who removes our disgrace and fills us with his grace.  Speaker: Sam Schultz  HymnsWHP 733:1-3 – “Here from All Nations”  WHP 733:4-5 – “Here from All Nations  Organist: Christie + Brass Group