Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – October 16, 2020

Date: 10-16-2020

Scripture Lesson:Psalm 84

Preacher: Dan Wessel

Description: Reading: Psalm 84  We conclude our chapel series standing in the glorious banquet hall of God. As we stand there in awe, we find ourselves lost in thought. It is this inner conversation that the Sons of Korah describe. Our souls yearn to the point of fainting just to be here! As Christ dwells within us, we dwell in him. We never want to be anywhere else! We can echo the sentiment that we would rather be lowly doorkeepers of the feast instead of dwelling in the fading and torn tents of the wicked. Yet, the temptation to leave this unsurpassed glory and joy is a constant. The temporary pleasures of this world pale in comparison, and they bring us harm and darkness. It is the Lord who is our shield, the sun who lights our path. Who would ever want to leave such a feast!  Speaker: Dan Wessel  PsalmWELS Hymnal Project  Psalm 84 (C) - “How Pleasant  Musician: Prof. Christie