Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – October 26, 2020

Date: 10-26-2020

Scripture Lesson:Matthew 22:34-46

Preacher: Prof. Tackmier

Description: Reading: Matthew 22:34-46  With the Sadducees having been silencedthe Pharisee’s appoint an expert to tempt Jesus with a question (22:36). The Lord briefly answers before asking a “drop the mic” series of questions. Four questions, at least, emerge from Jesus’ response. 1) What does it mean to love God with one’s whole being; 2) Why is the second commandment “like” the first; 3) What does it mean to love one’s neighbor as oneself; 4) In what sense does the entire OT revelation “hang” on these two commandments (22:40)? How remarkable, that the Son of God who came to fulfill all scripture manifested this love toward us, toward all, toward his enemies. Therefore, it is through faith in him and love for his promises that lead us to keep his commands.   Speaker: Prof. Tackmier  Hymns CW 434 – “Lord, Thee I Love with All My Heart”  CW 492 – “Son of God, Eternal Savior”  Prayer/DayO God, You have commanded us to love You above all things and our neighbors as ourselves. Grant us the Spirit to think and do what is pleasing in Your sight, that our faith in You may never waver and our love for one another may not falter; through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.   Organist: Prof. Christie