Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – October 27, 2020

Date: 10-27-2020

Scripture Lesson:Genesis 4:1-16

Preacher: D. Waterstradt

Description: Reading: Genesis 4:1-16  When Adam and Eve preferred forbidden fruit to the holiness of God, they opened a Pandora’s box upon an unsuspecting world. Life as God intended had disappeared. But to this dying world, God promised a Savior, born of woman, who would restore to man life as he had once lived. Through faith in that very promise of forgiveness and through love for God, the Christian now leads a life of obedience. Only God’s promises make that possible. Adam’s son, Cain, showed that mere outward obedience does not please God, but only the obedience that flows from faith expressing itself through love. Abel lived in the blessedness of forgiveness. Cain could spill his blood, but could not separate him from life with God.  Speaker: D. Waterstradt  Hymns CW 283 Speak , O Savior; I Am Listening”   CW 491 “O Master of the Loving Heart”  Pianist: Prof. Geiger