Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – November 19, 2020

Date: 11-19-2020

Scripture Lesson:Isaiah 1:10-18

Preacher: Joseph Neuberger

Description: Reading: Isaiah 1:10-18  These verses are brutal. They are without mercy. The powerful condemnations of this section blister God’s people as he accuses his people of sin. The people of Judah and Jerusalem determined they were different from Sodom and Gomorrah. They offered sacrifices God himself prescribed. They believed God would be pleased with them if they worshipped as he commanded. However, God’s rebuke couldn’t have been more specific and more direct: “What are they to me?” says the LORD. The full impact of the law in this section crashes down on the human heart with these words: “Wash and make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight!” But what’s the heart of the problem? Whenever we believe that something, we do on our own behalf can make God love us, God says: “I will hide my eyes from you.” As his faithful servants let us refrain from falling into the temptation to believe that our work can earn God’s favor. Instead, let’s remember that it is through the gift of faith created in us through the Word that moves us to live the faithfully lives God desires. Praise God for his forgiveness! Praise the one who makes the unwilling, willing and the disobedient, obedient! Praise the one who has spoken!  Speaker: Joseph Neuberger  Hymns: CW21  752 - “Gracious God, You send Great Blessings  CW21  803 - “Day by Day”  Musician: Prof. Geiger