Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – December 1, 2020

Date: 12-01-2020

Scripture Lesson:Isaiah 64:1-9

Preacher: Justus McKenzie

Description: Reading: Isaiah 64:1-9 “Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down.” Isaiah’s prayer here is that God demonstrate his power and put the fear of God in the nations. Using the violent picture of a crackling brush fire and a pot of water boiling over, the snapping and crackling and hissing pictures the hearts of those trembling at God’s might. Isaiah reminds God of how well that worked in the past when he did those נוֹרָא֖וֹת, or “fear inspiring things.” He wants God to act in these powerful ways so that everyone will see. Everyone will realize that you aren’t like their false gods. You help your faithful people. Our text brings reminders of who we are dealing with – the LORD, our Father, the Potter who has us in his skilled hands. Isaiah prays the confident prayer that the LORD (God of free and faithful covenant love who keeps his promises) not be angry to the extreme and not remember our guilt forever. “Oh, look upon us, we pray, for we are all your people.” Speaker: Justus McKenzie Hymns: CW 22:1-3 – “O Savior, Rend the Heavens Wide” CW 22:4 – “O Savior, Rend the Heavens Wide” Pianist: Erik Lund