Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – December 3, 2020

Date: 12-03-2020

Scripture Lesson:Psalm 24

Preacher: Jonah Schlomer

Description: Reading: Psalm 24 Martin Luther considered Psalm 24 in this light, “Psalm 24 is a prophecy of the kingdom of Christ in all the world. It calls on the ‘doors’ of the world, that is, kings and princes, to make room for the kingdom of Christ; for they are the usual ones who rage against him (Psalms 1 and 2), and say, ‘Who is this King of glory?’” Not only is it targeted at these kings and princes, but it also breaks down the prideful doors of our hearts. As we consider the almighty power of the LORD who is the only creator and sustainer of this universe, we look up at his dwelling and we read the requirements to enter the doors of his domain. To enter you must be clean, pure, and trusting entirely in God. The sinner cannot help but look down in shame, but then he hears the ringing cries of joy approaching. The King of glory is coming! He will open the ancient doors! He will lead us through the doors of God’s home. Who could this King of glory be? “The Lord Almighty – he is the king of glory!” As we await his coming, may we join this procession every day of life and rejoice in our King who opens heaven’s door! Speaker: Jonah Schlomer Hymns: Psalter 24B vv. 1-4 – “Lift Up the Gates Eternal” Psalter 24B vv. 5-7 – “Lift Up the Gates Eternal” Organist: Ryan Henning