Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – April 18, 2024

Date: 04-18-2024

Scripture Lesson:Acts 12:1–9

Preacher: Jacob Schwark

Description: Thursday, April 18 Reading           Acts 12:1–9 This is the same Peter who swore with an oath that he did not know Jesus so that he would avoid prison or worse. Look at him now! The resurrection of Christ and his abiding presence in the gospel has made a new man out of Peter. In prison Peter is calm and ready for whatever the Lord of history has in mind for him. This time what he has in mind is release. For the risen Christ rules history for the benefit of the Church; whatever serves the best interest of his people, that is what he permits, that is what he sends. This time—not every time—it is Peter’s release, so that he can strengthen those who have heard the Word by the Word. Then unafraid of what the future holds because the Word has strengthened him too, Peter goes elsewhere to proclaim it. So what might you fear? Hold fast to the Word and the risen and ruling Christ in it. Come prison, come death, come what may, he is risen and rules. He will not forsake you but remains with you through his Word. He will continue to rule so that you come to be where he is. Speaker           Jacob Schwark Advisor            Prof. Geiger Hymns             603 - “All Praise to God who Reigns Above” 908  – “Go Forth and Preach the Gospel” Musician          R. Henning