Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – December 10, 2021

Date: 12-10-2021

Scripture Lesson:Isaiah 40:1-11

Preacher: Silas Dose

Description: Reading Isaiah 40:1–11 The message of God’s messengers has not changed. It is a message that prepares us for his coming both at Christmas and on the Last Day. The messenger cries out: We are nothing; He is everything. We are born to die; He comes to give life. We know nothing and are sure of nothing; his Word of grace and pardon lasts forever and gives the pardon and grace that it promises. Crane your necks. Stand on tiptoes. Listen to his footsteps in the voice of the apostles and prophets, in the Word proclaimed this day from the pulpit. That’ show the Savior King himself prepares you for his coming. (Planning Christian Worship, Year B) Preacher Silas Dose Order Advent Gathering Rite on VENI EMMANUEL 312 CW21 – “Comfort, Comfort All My People” Psalm 66 CW21 – “Let All the Earth Cry Out to the Lord” Musician Prof. Christie