Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – December 7, 2021

Date: 12-07-2021

Scripture Lesson:Malachi 3:1-7b

Preacher: David Ticks

Description: Reading Malachi 3:1-7b Through God's Word and the messengers who proclaim it, the Lord humbles his people, purifying our hearts so that we might stand on the Last Day. Malachi announces to suffering believers in the Old Testament God's special message of New Testament hope and comfort. The Lord promises a herald to proclaim his coming. Let hearts be prepared; the Desire of Nations is about to come to his temple with judgment and the refiner’s fire. Though no one can stand before his righteousness, yet there is righteousness for the purified and acceptance for those who heed the messenger’s call for preparation. Christ’s first coming is then connected in prophetic perspective to His second and final coming on the Last Day. ͞The messenger of the covenant͟ is coming to eternally restore the righteousness of the Lord. Preacher David Ticks Hymns 655 CW21 – “Before You, God, the Judge of All” 311 CW21 – “Dawning Light of Our Salvation” Musician Ryan Henning