Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – February 22 2017

Date: 02-22-2017

Scripture Lesson:2 Samuel 18:24-33

Preacher: Chester Reinemann

Description: Wednesday – 2 Samuel 18:24-33 Those who oppose and exhibit hostility toward us do not come exclusively from distant nations or radical religions. While we might not call people our “enemies,” we experience this conflict on a day-to-day basis much closer to home, perhaps even rising up within our homes. Absalom gave David no reason to love him and every reason not to. Yet in hearing of Absalom’s death, David expresses a love that would have given up his own life for his son. The self-sacrificing love David wishes he could have shown for his rebellious son Absalom is the love God has shown to call you and me his sons.       Service                    CW Morning Praise Speaker                   Chester Reinemann Psalm/Day            Psalm 103 Seasonal Response for Christmas/Epiphany Alternate Te Deum Organist                 Prof. Tiefel Chapel Choir       Faculty Chapel Choir