Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – January 13, 2022

Date: 01-13-2022

Scripture Lesson:Romans 6:1b–11

Preacher: Daniel Sprain

Description: Reading Romans 6:1b–11  What human eyes see is often different from what God decrees. The outward eye sees nothing peculiar about the child that is baptized. The infant looks just like any other infant in the maternity ward. But the eye of faith sees a profound change: This child has been connected to the death and resurrection of Christ! Our new status is as real as Christ’s death and resurrection. “I am baptized” – connected wholly to the death and resurrection of Christ! – is a daily comfort for the Christian. (cf. SC Baptism IV).  Speaker Daniel Sprain  Hymn 379 – “Christ, Your Footprints through the Desert”  Psalm 2C, CW Psalter  Order Start of Work (Prime) – pp. 240–241  Musician Jordan Massiah