Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – June 30, 2022

Date: 06-30-2022

Scripture Lesson:Jonah 3:3-4:4

Preacher: Pastor A. Mueller

Description: Reading Jonah 3:3–4:4 When the Lord’s call first came to Jonah, Jonah was committed to fleeing far from Nineveh. After the storm of God’s anger and the greatness of God’s watery deliverance, Jonah is now in a place where he “Obeyed the Word of the Lord and went to Nineveh” (3:3). Shockingly, the Ninevites heeded the Jonah’s call to repent. Committed followers were now found in a city that had once been only committed to Israel’s destruction. Speaker Pastor A. Mueller Hymns 897:1-3 CW21 – “Lord Jesus, You Have Come” 897:4-5 CW21 – “Lord Jesus, You Have Come” Musician Anna Biesterfeld