Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – March 22, 2022

Date: 03-22-2022

Scripture Lesson:Exodus 3:1-15

Preacher: Ben Roekle

Description: Reading Exodus 3:1-15  The Lord reveals his presence to Moses as flames within a bush, fire that warms and gives light, yet does not consume. Flames of fire that did not consume. Ground too holy for sandals, but not for sinful flesh. God appearing in power, but calling himself the LORD, the God of free and faithful love. Such are the contradictions of Law and Gospel. Today, Christ calls on us to be fruitful followers, and in this lesson, he gives us the motivation to do it: our God is the great I AM, the God of the living, the God of deliverance for his people and forgiveness for his children.  Preacher Ben Roekle  Hymns 917 CW21 – “God Himself is Present”   613 CW21 – “The God of Abraham Praise”  Musician Ensemble