Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – March 23, 2022

Date: 03-23-2022

Scripture Lesson:1 Corinthians 10:1-13

Preacher: Caleb Koelpin

Description: Reading 1 Corinthians 10:1-13  God revealed his presence among the nation of Israel. Instead of his presence leading to repentant faith, the people of Israel, with a sense of false security, set their hearts on evil. The Lord had delivered his people in spectacular fashion. Israel had every reason to trust whole-heartedly in his promises, relying on their rock, the Christ. Yet so many served their own bodies, even seeking the favor of other false gods. Let Israel’s example serve as warning. Turn from temptation, leave sin behind, trust in the Lord’s faithfulness to forgive, bear abundant fruit, and follow the Way out of this world to eternal life.  Preacher Caleb Koelpin  Advisor Prof. Cherney  Hymns 836:1-3 CW21 – “I Walk in Danger All the Way”  836:4-6 CW21 – “I Walk in Danger All the Way”