Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – March 28 2017

Date: 03-28-2017

Scripture Lesson:Isaiah 42:14-21

Preacher: Ron Pile

Description: Tuesday – Isaiah 42:14-21 In the Gospel we saw physical and spiritual blindness. One cannot see the way to salvation, the other can see, but refuses to follow. Here in Isaiah we find both types of blindness. Part of Israel was completely blind spiritually, helpless in the darkness, but God did not forsake his people. Nothing would stop the Lord from bringing the light of salvation to blinded eyes. However, there were also those who saw the Lord’s miracles, but paid no attention; some heard his prophets, but refused to listen. On those who reject the true God judgment is promised.   Service                    Regular Chapel Order Speaker                   Ron Pile Hymns                     767 The Lord is My Light (piano?) 353 Praise the One Who Breaks the Darkness Organist                 Prof. Tackmier