Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – May 2 2017

Date: 05-02-2017

Scripture Lesson:1 Peter 1:17-21

Preacher: Orie Thompford

Description: Tuesday – 1 Peter 1:17-21             Our hope is in God who raised Jesus from the dead. We were redeemed, not with perishable things, but with the eternal, precious blood of Christ. The sacrifice that paid for our sin wasn’t perishable, i.e., that it could be used up and God could ask for more payment. Rather the blood of the spotless Lamb of God was shed for us.  God raised his Lamb from the dead and through faith in Christ we also will be raised. Therefore our hope is in God.   Service                    Regular Chapel Order Speaker                   Orie Thompford Hymns                     372 I Lay My Sins On Jesus 144 Christ Is Arisen Organist                 Nathanael Jensen