Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – November 12, 2021

Date: 11-12-2021

Scripture Lesson:Hebrews 9:24–28

Preacher: J. Prange

Description: Reading Hebrews 9:24–28  How do we know that we have heaven waiting for us? How do we know God has really been a faithful, all-sufficient giver to us? The answer is in Jesus, our Great High Priest. He joined himself with mankind; he suffered and died once for all; he rose; he continually intercedes before the Father on our behalf. The Promised Messiah proved his Father to be faithful; the Promised Messiah will prove himself faithful on the Last Day.  Speaker J. Prange  Hymns  538 “Jesus, My Great High Priest”   534 “Hail, O Once-Despised Jesus”  Psalm Psalm 111