Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – October, 12th 2021

Date: 10-12-2021

Scripture Lesson:2 Kings 5:14–27

Preacher: S. Lor

Description: Reading 2 Kings 5:14–27  Naaman felt obligated to pay Elisha for the healing he received, but Elisha refused to set a price on the grace of God, not wanting to give Naaman the impression that God’s grace could be bought. Gehazi, on the other hand, had no qualms about doing that. His greed clouded him from seeing the true treasure he had – God’s grace given to him full and free – and caused him to focus instead on the treasures of this world. What’s worse, he used his status as Elisha’s assistant to lie to a fellow believer and get what he wanted. May it never be said of us that we use our God-given positions to deceive those around us and get what our own greedy heart’s desire. Instead of imitating Gehazi, let us be like Elisha, who kept God’s grace at the price he has set – free.   Speaker S. Lor  Hymns 634:1,13,3-4 – “These Are the Holy Ten Commands”  751 – “O God, Your Hand the Heavens Made  Order Daily Chapel  Musician B. Roekle