Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – October 15th, 2021

Date: 10-15-2021

Scripture Lesson:Hebrews 3:1-6

Preacher: M. Otto

Description: Reading Hebrews 3:1-6  We who share in the calling to be servants of Christ have a difficult task before us. For this week, we can specifically focus on avoiding the temptations of this world’s treasures and encouraging others to avoid them as well. How can we do it? “Fix your thoughts on Jesus,” the writer tells us. See what he did for you, how he was faithful to God for you. He suffered temptation, pain and affliction, even death. Through his faithfulness, he made you part of his house. He made you his treasure. And that is why he is also your treasure. Looking to Jesus, our treasure, we receive strength to be faithful as well.  Speaker M. Otto  Hymns 538 – “Jesus, My Great High Priest”  Psalm 90A – “Fill Us with Your Love, O Lord” (Sung by the verse - see below)  Order Setting 1 – CW21, pp. 154-160  Musician Prof. Christie