Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – September 16, 2020

Date: 09-16-2020

Scripture Lesson:Psalm 103

Preacher: J. Wallander

Description: Reading           Psalm 103 “The Church sings Psalm 103 in services that emphasize Jesus forgiving our sins and giving us confidence and strength against the devil and the world. It begins in the same way as Psalm 104, and the two of them are among the most comforting psalms in the Psalter. Martin Luther said, ‘Psalm 103 is a psalm of thanks. Lovely and finely crafted, it thanks God for all his goodness. He forgives our sins, provides us healthy bodies and souls, satisfies us with all sorts of good things, makes us joyful and confident, and delivers us from enemies and woes. This all happens through Christ, who was promised for just this reason, and has now arrived’” (WELS Psalter, p. 541). Speaker           J. Wallander Hymns             WELS Psalter 103B:1-3 WELS Psalter 103B:4 Keyboard        Andrew Carter