Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel September 16th, 2021

Date: 09-16-2021

Scripture Lesson:Jeremiah 38:1–13

Preacher: D. Backhaus

Description: Reading Jeremiah 38:1–13 (CWS First Lesson)  Christ’s disciples will suffer for proclaiming the message of the cross. The servant of God who faithfully proclaims the Word of Truth will inevitably encounter indifference and hostility. Such hostility comes from the most ingrained attitudes of man: God promises the cross and its outward manifestations of trial and persecution, while man naturally looks for glory and its manifestations of outward success and popularity.  Like Jeremiah, we are to remain faithful to God’s word and promise and anticipate God’s ability to protect and save.  Speaker D. Backhaus  Hymn CW 283 – “Speak, O Savior”  CW 542 – “Dear Lord, to Your True Servants Give”  Musician Phil Balge