Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – September 22nd, 2021

Date: 09-22-2021

Scripture Lesson:Numbers 12:1–15

Preacher: J. Kasper

Description: Reading Numbers 12:1–15  The call to imitate Christ can be difficult. It’s not easy to seek to serve when we face opposition. Moses is a significant example of servant-leadership. He was a prophet of the Lord. He spoke with God “face to face.” He served the Lord faithfully and his fellow Israelites with humility. Yet his brother and sister began to be jealous and speak out against him. The Lord rightfully disciplined Miriam for her sin. It would have been easy for Moses to think, “Miriam got what she deserved.” Instead, he imitates the love and forgiveness of the Lord and calls upon the Lord to heal Miriam. Moses was quick to forgive and eager to serve.  Speaker J. Kasper  Hymns 587 CW21 – “Come Down, O Love divine”  896 CW21 – “Dear Lord, to your true servants give”  Musician R. Henning