Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – September 23rd, 2021

Date: 09-23-2021

Scripture Lesson:Psalm 115

Preacher: B. Bitter

Description: Reading Psalm 115  Psalm 115 is a song of praise for the Lord’s love and faithfulness toward his people. As Israel looked back on their history, they could see chapters of grumbling, hardheartedness, rebellion, and apostacy. They never were the mightiest of nations. They were often among the most stubborn of nations. Psalm 115 is often used for church anniversaries. Like Israel, we are not mighty or many. We have not always been pictures of Christian orthodoxy and love in action! Yet the Lord, in pure grace, has been with us, remembers us, and blesses us.  Speaker B. Bitter  Hymns 582 CW21 – “Not unto us”  737 CW21 – “Lord, help us walk your servant way”  Musician P. Balge