Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – September 27th, 2021

Date: 09-27-2021

Scripture Lesson:Mark 9:38-50

Preacher: Prof. Cherney

Description: Reading Mark 9:38–50  At first glance, these two sections from Mark might seem disjointed. The first (38-41) relates the story of the man who was driving out demons in Jesus’ name. When John came to tell on him, Jesus spoke those famous words, “Whoever is not against us is for us.” We can’t be sure of John’s motives for coming to Jesus. Was he still caught up in the “who’s the greatest” debate? Was it arrogance? Did he think he was defending Jesus’ honor? We may not know his motives, but from Jesus’ answer we can say that Jesus didn’t want his disciples judging another person’s faithfulness based on his visible connections (aka – he wasn’t one of the disciples). At the same time (42-50) Jesus warns those who would represent him against causing others to fall into sin. If someone did this, it would be cause for judgment. In fact, he shows the seriousness of the offense by his “cut it off” language. He tells us: “Have salt in yourselves.” We live in his Word so that our faith and knowledge may be the salt to the world.  Speaker Prof. Cherney  Hymns 819:1–4 – “If God Himself Be for Me”   819:5–7 – “If God Himself Be for Me”  Prayer/Day Almighty God, in your bountiful goodness, keep us safe from every evil of body and soul. Make us ready, with cheerful hearts, to do whatever pleases you; through you Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.  Musician N. Plocher