Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – September 30th, 2021

Date: 09-30-2021

Scripture Lesson:James 4:7-12

Preacher: K. Brassow

Description: Reading James 4:7-12  These verses from James emphasize the fact that as Jesus’ followers we cannot be quick to judge. Jesus’ disciples had too quickly judged the man by their standards, not God’s. This was their error, and it can easily become our s as well. As Jesus’ advocates we are careful to use God’s Word as the norma normans. This lesson from James also points out the repentance that takes place whenever we sin. We are broken, but God lifts us up!  Speaker K. Brassow  Psalm  19A (See below)  Hymns 833 – “I Run to Christ” (See below)  Order The Service: Setting I  Musician Ben Roeckle