Daily Chapel

Daily Chapel – September 9 2019

Date: 09-09-2019

Scripture Lesson:Luke 14:25-35

Preacher: Dr. Cherney

Description: The Christian life is all about setting priorities. Faith asks: what is most important in my walk with God? Faith answers: To make God and his message the highest priority of life. Monday, September 9 Service Regular chapel order with Prayer/Day Reading Luke 14:25-35 Understand what it means to follow Jesus. Speaker Dr. Cherney Hymns 465 – Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken 467 – May the Mind of Christ My Savior Musician Prof. Tiefel Prayer/Day O merciful Lord, you did not spare your only Son but delivered him up for us all. grant us courage and strength to take up the cross and follow him, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.